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Changing Negative Minds - Transforming Lives
Changing Negative Mindsets
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We help clients manage emotions, challenge negative thinking patterns, improve behaviours and reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. We also help adjust perceptions, perspectives and change negative mindsets to help make better life choices to achieve good mental health & wellbeing including meeting goals and positive life changes.
Lack of motivation, Positive life direction - Lifestyle changes - Low self esteem or self worth - Mental & Emotional Well-being - Financial pressures - Relationship difficulties - Workplace challenges - Anger - Anxiety or Stress - Resilience - Realizing your potentials?

Changing Negative Mindsets

Struggling with Negative Self-Talk or Frustrations?  Troubled with Workplace challenges or having Relationship difficulties?  Let us help you resolve your issues & concerns... Change your negative self-talk, thoughts, feelings & behaviours, choose and gain a new & better life direction.


We have social objectives of Good Mental Health & Wellbeing for everyone!

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Good mental Health
Do you need help with resolving life's issues, do you wish you could achieve more in life and produce positive changes, do you need support in the areas of your life you always seem to struggle with? Get in touch, we can help.
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Improve your Business/Organisation through motivating your greatest asset your staff, help reduce absenteeism, improve mental well-being, create a happier workplace environment and in doing so achieving your ambitions and aspirations. We help you to grow, develop and find successful solutions for your issues, worries and concerns. Whatever challenges you may have, we can help you find solutions and move forward successfully.
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Our training programmes run over 1 day and cover topics such as Coaching Essentials, Building Resilience, Stress Management, Effective Communication Skills, etc: with optional ICM accredited CPD certificates.
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Training Courses with ICM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Life Coaching & Mental Emotioal Wellbeing Practitioners.


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Memberships and Associations

Healthy Mind Coaching is a recognised service provider in Northern Ireland, and are accredited by (EMCC) European Mentoring Coaching Council.  We are members of the National Council of Psychotherapists,  Accredited Counsellors Coaches and Psychotherapists and Association Integrative Coaching-Therapist Professionals. Our Practitioners are  level 6 qualified.  We are a recognised Training Course Centre Providers.