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Do you feel stuck, stressed, unmotivated or have low self-esteem issues? Are you frustrated with life not working out the way you want it to?…WE CAN HELP YOU TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUES & MOVE FORWARD WITH YOUR LIFE! - by creating a new positive mind-set through challenging your negative thoughts, faulty beliefs, unhealthy feelings, and unhelpful behaviours...

Life Coaching/ Psychological & Emotional Well-being Practice & Training Course Providers

We can help you to get results in your life, business or career.  In just a few sessions we can get you feeling optimistic, motivated and excited again about life - back on track with your goals, ambitions and aspirations, so that you can move towards where you want to be.    

We will Help You Change Your Outlook!

CHANGE YOUR MIND-CHANGE YOUR LIFE... Have you reached a crossroads? A place where you know changes need to happen, but you don't know what, where, when or how? Positive Change Mindset Coaching could be the most empowering and enabling solution available for you to achieve your ambitions, goals and aspirations.  FREE 30 minute consultation

Bringing out the Best in You

HEALTHY MIND COACHING  are a life, therapeutic, well-being practice and training courses provider based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We offer a range of strategies and solutions for creating Positive Change Mindsets.  We bring out the best in you, so you can achieve and attain your present and future goals, ambitions and aspirations.  FREE 30 minute consultation. 


FREE consultation

Book a FREE 30 minute consultation, to see if Healthy Mind Coaching can help you to achieve your desired Outcomes, Goals, Ambitions, and Aspirations.

Our services

The power of coaching accelerates learning and self-discovery, highlights strengths, delivers clarify of mind and produces positive results which will help you see a difference in your life.
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Whatever business/ career concerns, issues, or situation you find yourself in, we will work with you to move your business/ career forward and or get it back on track. We help businesses/ professionals to grow and find solutions to each individual business or career development problem.
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Our training programmes run between 1-3 days, including topics such as Coaching Essentials, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Effective Communication Skills, and more. CPD certificates optional, accredited by ICM.
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We offer workshops for emotional resilience to create motivated, productive, and happier staff. We'll equip staff to focus on achieving mental clarity, bouncing back after adversity, and adapting to stressful situations.
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Professional Training Courses

Healthy Mind Coaching offers training courses with the option to receive ICM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.

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Watch our short informational video about how Healthy Mind Coaching, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, can help you.

Our coaching services are a great alternative to counselling, because we are focusing on your thoughts, beliefs, experiences, behaviours and perspectives. This means we get the desired results in your life by meeting your goals, ambitions, and aspirations.


We work with Individuals, Professionals and Business Owners/ Leaders.
I received great help through excellent personal coaching, a complete well-being education and complete relief from my stress and anxiety. Thank you HMC



My HMC coach/practitioner was so easy to get on with and so knowledgeable that I now have everything under control in my life and career, thanks HMC.

Pete C.

Insurance Manager

I found the coaching for businesses to be fantastic and so beneficial. I could not be happier to have taken part and would recommend it to anyone looking for answers. Thanks HMC.


Business Manager

We benefited greatly from the honest and challenging coaching that we received - me and my staff now see things from a new perspective. Grateful to HMC



The psychological and emotional coaching I received at HMC is the best thing that has helped me, after many years of underlying issues. So great to be free. Thank you


Public Speaker


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