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Creating positive change, through challenging negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
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Do you feel Stuck, Anxious, Stressed, Low or Unmotivated? Are you frustrated with Life's challenges, Career progress or Relationship difficulties? FEAR NOT, We can help You RESOLVE Your ISSUES and MOVE FORWARD with Your LIFE again.

Life Coaching & Mental/ Emotional Well-Being Practitioners

Good Mental & Emotional Well-being is very important...   

We can help you get positive change results through our Cognitive Behavioural Well-being Coaching,  in both your personal and professional life, so that you can move forward to where you want to be in the shortest possible time-frame.  

In just a few sessions we can get you feeling optimistic, motivated and excited again about life - getting back on track with your goals, ideals, ambitions and aspirations, through challenging your negative thoughts, beliefs, unhealthy feelings and behaviours. 

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Changing Negative Mind-sets

Are you in a place where you know changes need to happen, but you don't know what, where or how?   Good Mental Health & Well-being is very important, therefore Positive Change Mindset Coaching could be the most empowering and enabling solution available to achieve your best outcomes/changes in relation to your ambitions, goals, ideals and aspirations.

Bringing out the best in YOU!

HEALTHY MIND COACHING & TRAINING is a Life Coaching & Cognitive Behavioural/Emotional Well-being Practice and  Workplace Well-being Training Courses Provider in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

We offer a range of tools, coping strategies and solutions for creating Positive Change outcomes, empowering and inspiring people to be the best that they can be.  We help bring out the best in you, so you can achieve and attain your present and future goals, ideals and aspirations.  

At Healthy Mind Coaching & Training we deliver good mental/emotional well-being & positive change results, for you. 

Good Mental & Emotional Well-being is very important.     Book a FREE 30 minute introduction session. 

FREE consultation

Book a FREE 30 minute consultation, to see if Healthy Mind Coaching can help you to achieve your desired Outcomes, Goals, Ambitions, and Aspirations.

Our service Areas

The power of coaching accelerates learning and self-discovery, highlights strengths, delivers clarity of mind, and produces positive results which will help you see a difference in your life, in the areas of Thoughts, feelings & Behaviours.
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Would you like to improve your business, motivate employees, change attitudes, reduce absenteeism, improve employee well-being and achieve your goals, ambitions and aspirations-but are not sure where to start? We can HELP! We help businesses and professionals to grow and find solutions. Whatever concerns you face, we can help you move forward and get your business or career back on track, moving to where exactly you want to be.
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Our training programmes run over 1 day and cover topics such as Coaching Essentials, Building Resilience, Stress Management, Effective Communication Skills, etc: with optional ICM accredited CPD certificates.
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Professional Training Courses

Healthy Mind Coaching offers training courses with the option to receive ICM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.

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Our coaching services are a great alternative to counselling - because we are focusing on your thoughts, beliefs, experiences, behaviours and perspectives. This means we get the desired results in your life by meeting your goals, ambitions, and aspirations.


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