Negative Thoughts, Feelings or Behaviours?   Time to Change!
Negative Thoughts, Feelings or Behaviours? Time to Change!
Helping you to work out your Life, without self imposed restrictions
Healthy Mind Coaching and Business Training
Training Courses, Mental Well-being at Work
Training Courses and Workshops for Professional Development in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Anxious, Stressed, Worried, Low, Stuck or Uncertain about your future?

Life Coaching, CBT Counselling & Emotional Well-being Practitioners, Belfast

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We can help you change your negative thinking & feelings of being overwhelmed with anxieties, worries or fears.

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What you need is a Positive Change Mind-shift!

Feeling Anxious, Overwhelmed, Flat, Unmotivated or Uncertain about your Future? Struggling with life's Frustrations? Having trouble with your Career or having Relationship difficulties?  We can help resolve your issues, worries, concerns or fears and help you to make the desired positive changes.

TOPICS WE COVER:  Lack of motivation - Life direction - Major life changes - Low self esteem/self worth - Mental/Emotional well-being - Financial pressures - Relationship difficulties - Career & Workplace challenges - Anger, Anxiety or Stress management - Building Resilience - Challenging Difficult behaviours.

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Our service Areas

Do you need help with resolving life's issues, do you wish you could achieve more in life and produce positive changes, do you need support in the areas of your life you always seem to struggle with? Get in touch, we can help.
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Would you like to improve your business, through motivating your greatest assets-your staff/employees, reduce absenteeism, improve employee well-being, create a happier workplace environment and in doing so achieving your ambitions and aspirations-not sure where to start? We help businesses to grow, develop and find successful solutions. Whatever concerns you have, we can help you move forward and get your business or careers back on track.
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Our training programmes run over 1 day and cover topics such as Coaching Essentials, Building Resilience, Stress Management, Effective Communication Skills, etc: with optional ICM accredited CPD certificates.
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Professional Training Courses

Healthy Mind Coaching offers training courses with the option to receive ICM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.

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Our coaching services are a great alternative to counselling - because we are focusing on your thoughts, beliefs, experiences, behaviours and perspectives. This means we get the desired results in your life by meeting your goals, ambitions, and aspirations.


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Memberships and Associations

Healthy Mind Coaching is a recognised service provider to the Health and Social Care Trusts (NHS) in Northern Ireland, and are accredited by (EMCC) European Mentoring Coaching Council.  We are members of the National Council of Psychotherapists,  Accredited Counsellors Coaches and Psychotherapists and Association Integrative Coaching-Therapist Professionals. Our Trainers are  QQI level 6 qualified.  We are a recognised Training Course Centre Providers by ICM, Institute of Commercial Management.