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How can our coaching workshops help you? Emotional Resilience creates motivated, productive and happier staff. The UK may be climbing out of recession, but many organisations and their employees are still facing uncertainty, with job cuts, rationalisation and ever-higher targets. Against this background, keeping people engaged and performing well can seem like an uphill struggle. But increasingly, employers are turning to Emotional Resilience Training as a way to build morale and motivation, and help staff to thrive, even in the face of adversity.

So what makes Emotional Resilience different?

Emotional Resilience is a focused way of helping us to achieve mental clarity, bounce back after adversity and properly adapt to stressful situations. And the good news is that Emotional Resilience can be taught. Our workshops become incredibly popular because they are highly effective for both individuals and their organisations.

After workshops, employers see better productivity, improved sickness absence and higher staff morale. More and more organisations are really latching on to the idea. The key elements of emotional resilience can include developing emotional flexibility and adaptability that allows an employee to respond to change; the ability to foster good relationships; feeling a sense of control over one’s own workflow; and the ability to establish a sense of community (buy in) at work.

What can Emotional Resilience do for my workplace culture?

According to Sam Barr, Senior Coaching Consultant/Trainer at Healthy Mind Coaching in Belfast, the vital part is not only helping individuals to develop personal emotional resilience, but also building an organisational culture that incorporates an open and trusting positive working environment – and coaching workshops are perfect for this.

“Emotionally resilient staff can help to boost performance and improve an organisation’s bottom line. So ideally, emotional resilience training should start at the top of an organisation, with its leaders and key personnel, then cascade down to all levels. The point is that everyone can learn Emotional Resilience, no matter what amount of experience they may have.”

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