Workplace Well-being Coaching

Good Mental & Emotional Well-being, is very important to us.

Focusing on employees’ needs enables companies to provide tailored schemes, which produce the best ROI for the business.

Would you like to improve your business or organisation, motivate employees, change negative attitudes, reduce absenteeism, improve employee workplace well-being, increase profitability and achieve your goals, ambitions and aspirations-but you are not sure where to start?  We can HELP You to make it happen!

More and more research is showing that companies/organisations who invest in implementing good mental health and emotional well-being in the workplace, have a workforce that is more engaged, gets more done, is more loyal, committed and has better morale.  The results can help to deliver the company/organisation mission, strategy and vision better and reduce costs while increasing productivity…..

How well do you look after your most valuable business assets?…  Your staff are the greatest assets your business/organisation has and need to be nurtured by developing good mental health & emotional well-being and by having a good working environment to grow, flourish and thrive in.  It is well known that a contented Workforce, gets much better all round productivity results.  We ask that You might consider our services to help You achieve this end, benefiting from less sick days/ absenteeism, less staff turnover, a more productive mentally healthier and happier workforce & workplace.

See also our training courses page for Personal and professional development for Management & Key staff, who on completing our training will be better equipped to help other staff members/employees.   (see; Training Courses page)

Business coaching

Business coaching is the process of engaging in regular, structured conversations with a client/Employer, staff members or team-members who are within a business, nonprofit organisation, institution, government department or whoever is the recipient of our business/well-being coaching. The goal is to enhance the Employer & Employee awareness and behaviour so as to achieve business objectives for both the Employee/Employer and their business/ organisation.

Business coaching enables…

Business coaching enables the Employer and employee to understand their role in achieving business success, and to enhance that role in ways that are measurable and sustainable. The coaching process may take different forms (e.g., individual or team coaching) and involve different goals (e.g., problem solving, career and succession planning, leadership/executive development, creation of high-performing teams), but throughout there is a clear focus on the business objectives of both the Employer/employee and the organisation. (We coach Leaders on the Business objectives and their delivery also.)

Business coaching establishes…

Business coaching establishes an atmosphere of clear goals and objectives, mutual trust, respect, safety, challenge, well-being and accountability to motivate the Employee and Employer to achieve better results.  To that end, the business coach must conduct an ethical and competent practice, based on appropriate professional experience, business knowledge and an understanding of individual and organisational change management.

What can Business Coaching do for me?

In our experience we have seen Business owners/Employers and Organisation CEO’s turn things around from a surviving/ failure-minded outlook, to a thriving/ success-minded outlook, leading to flourishing and growth in a sustainable manner.  Where employees can grow and achieve outstanding results because of their new found motivation, appreciation  and respect for what they do and how they feel.  Our goal is to work with businesses & organisations in achieving their goals, ambitions and aspirations, to be the best that they can possibly be through utilising the people assets within.

Read more about our coaching approaches here.

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Healthy Mind Coaching will help you, and your business/ organisation, get to where you want to be in the shortest possible time-frame – using motivational interviewing questioning techniques and cognitive behavioural & well-being mindset changes.

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