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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Coaching, Cbt Counselling & Workplace Mental Wellbeing, BELFAST

Life Coaching, CBT Counselling & Workplace Wellbeing Talks/Workshops


Free 20 minute introduction session..... where we can discuss your issues and concerns, where we can  work out a way to overcome your difficulties and get your life back on track.

Changing Minds & Transforming Lives... We are Well-being Practitioners working with individuals, professionals and organisations on issues such as negative thoughts, unhelpful feelings and unhealthy behaviours either in personal life or at work, we help to change defeating mindsets. We work by motivating and moving people forward from where they are now, to where they want to be


1. 1 to 1 Life/Mental, Emotional Well-being Coaching & CBT Counselling sessions.

2. Workplace Well-being 1 to 1.  Group sessions, Talks & Creating Company Well-being Strategies.

3. Life & Wellness Personal, Professional Development & Well-being  Workshops

1 to 1 Mental & Emotional Well-being Coaching & CBT Counselling

We fully engage with our clients in 1 to 1 sessions helping them overcome their current challenges, difficulties, frustrations and concerns, helping them move forward with their lives and enabling them to live a more organised, positive, less stressful lifestyle.  In just a few sessions we can get clients feeling motivated, excited and optimistic again.  We provide clients with the strategies to challenge and overcome negative thoughts, distorted beliefs, unhealthy feelings and unhelpful behaviours.

Workplace Mental Well-being Coaching for individuals & small Groups

Would you like to improve your staff wellbeing, motivate employees, change negative attitudes, reduce absenteeism, improve employee well-being, increase profitability and achieve your goals, ambitions and aspirations-but are not sure where to start? Contact us today!

For Individuals...... Public Speaking, Nerves, Redundancy, Stress, Unfair treatment, Work Life Balance difficulties?.

We can help You to get the results you want and need!  

What Can Business and Employers Do? 

  • Implement organisational changes to reduce employee stress (e.g., develop clearly defined roles and responsibilities) and provide reasonable accommodations (e.g., flexible work schedules, assisting technology, adapted work stations).
  • Ensure that mental health services are included as a benefit on health plans and encourage employees to use these services as needed.
  • Provide education, outreach, and training to address mental health parity in employment.


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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing 

More and more research is showing that individuals and companies who invest in implementing good mental health & well-being coaching/training have a workforce that is more engaged, get more done, are far more loyal and have much better morale.

The results can help to reduce your costs while increasing your workforce effectiveness and productivity.

We provide professional training for individuals, businesses, and organisations -   Our training includes optional Continuing Personal Development (CPD).  We have training  workshops on ... Better Workplace Habits, Stress Assessments, Coaching Essentials, Effective Communication SkillsManaging Anxiety at Work, Stress Management, Resilience Building, Managing difficult Behaviours, Bullying & Harassment at Work, Workplace Wellness, Management Skills, and Anger Management.

We deliver effective coaching/well-being strategies, actionable solutions, and sustainable resultsHealthy Mind Coaching


We work with Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners and Leaders.
I received great help through excellent personal coaching, a complete well-being education and complete relief from my stress and anxiety. Thank you HMC



My HMC coach/practitioner was so easy to get on with and so knowledgeable that I now have everything under control in my life and career, thanks HMC.

Pete C.

Insurance Manager

I found the coaching for businesses to be fantastic and so beneficial. I could not be happier to have taken part and would recommend it to anyone looking for answers. Thanks HMC.


Business Manager

We benefited greatly from the honest and challenging coaching that we received - me and my staff now see things from a new perspective. Grateful to HMC



The psychological and emotional coaching I received at HMC is the best thing that has helped me, after many years of underlying issues. So great to be free. Thank you


Public Speaker

Changing Minds - Transforming Lives

Motivating people to move forward

Our Vision

To be the go-to provider for Life Coaching & Emotional Well-being Therapeutic Coaching and Professional Training Workshops in Personal, Professional Development & Workplace Well-being - enabling people to grow, flourish, excel and realise their potentials, achieving outstanding results in their lives through a positive change mindset.

Our Mission

To deliver positive change mindsets to everyone who comes into our service, through coaching, training, educating, supporting, motivating, encouraging, empowering and enabling them to be the best that they can be.

Our Values

Our values are integrity, being authentic and empathetic, accountable, confidential, respectful of others opinions and ideals, without prejudice.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are fully trained and qualified, hold a level 6 Advanced Diploma or above, and have full Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are a member of NCP & EMCC and subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics (see

Service Provider & Memberships

Healthy Mind Coaching is a recognised service provider to the Health and Social Care Trusts (NHS) in Northern Ireland, and is accredited by (EMCC) European Mentoring Coaching Council. We are members of (NCP) National Council of Psychotherapists, (ACCPH) Accredited Counsellors, Coaches and Psychotherapists and (AICTP) Integrative Coaching-Therapist Professionals. Our Trainers are  QQI level 6 qualified Training Course Providers.

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Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into smaller parts.Henry Ford

We are passionate about coaching & training

Integrative therapeutic-coaching can make a huge difference in peoples lives. The power of coaching is that it amplifies strengths, accelerates learning understanding and self discovery, it promotes health & well-being, brings about clarity of mind and delivers positive change results.

Coaching Gets Results

Our cognitive behavioural coaching framework provides an alternative to counselling that moves people forward from where they are to where they want to be, in the shortest possible time-frame. Coaching can clarify your direction - it asks '"What's next?" and takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts.Trevor Baylis